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We love sharing the resounding success of our IMDP Company's recent summer competitions! Our talented and dedicated dancers have shone brightly on the competition stage, garnering praise, accolades, and top awards. 

Onstage Nationals Orlando Teen Critique Chose Winner 2023
Onstage Nationals Orlando Junior Critique Chose Winner 2023
In Motion Dance Project
Onstage Nationals Orlando Mini National Tilte Winners 2023. Mali Rose Photnetrakhom and Levi Caicco
Onstage Nationals Orlando Junior National Title Winners 2023. Sadie Moore
IMDP Company
IMDP National award winning Junior and Teens

The Onstage NY dance competition this past July was an absolute blast! It was an unforgettable experience filled with electrifying energy, extraordinary talent, and moments of pure joy. As we reminisce about the memorable July competition, we can't help but smile at the friendships formed, the unforgettable performances, and the exhilaration of being a part of such a vibrant dance community. 


Congratulations to In Motion Dance Project's outstanding national title winners and high score soloists at Onstage NY! We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Sadie Moore - Junior Miss Onstage NY, Levi Caicco - Mini Mr. Onstage NY, and Mali Photnetrakhom - Mini Miss Onstage NY.  High Scoring soloists from IMDP were Renee Forseth - Junior winner and Mali Photnetrakhom- Mini winner Their dedication, hard work, and passion for dance have shone on the prestigious Onstage NY stage, earning them well-deserved national recognition. 


The passion for dance continued with extraordinary scholarships awarded to many IMDP Company dancers. So many opportunities to further dance education and artistic growth at New York City Dance Alliance and Steps on Broadway were awarded to the following IMDP Company members.


Tap Scholarship

Marli Clarke

Sadie Moore


Jazz Scholarship

Bella Ferguson

Bailey Spencer

Isabella Quartaro


Lyrical Scholarship

Lila Blood


Improv Scholarship

Anniston Clarke

Kassandra Rivera


Contemporary Scholarship

Ainsley Danison

Izzy Warren


Steps On Broadway Intensives

Levi Caicco

Mali Photnetrakhom

Valerie Santana


With these scholarships, each dancer can continue honing their skills, expanding their horizons, and helping them reach new heights in the world of dance.


In addition to the well-deserved individual recognition, we are thrilled to announce that our team has also received national recognition at Onstage NY! The collective efforts and teamwork of the IMDP staff and dancers resulted in TWO National Critics Choice Winners : " What a Night" Junior Critics Choice & "Joan of Arc" Teen Critics Choice and ONE Critics Choice Nominee: "Forrest and Jenny" Mini Critics Choice Nominee. The dancers created so many moments of magic on stage. 


 This recognition not only showcases the incredible talent within our studio but also reflects the unwavering support, passion, and teamwork that define our dance family. We can't wait to continue this journey of excellence and growth with our remarkable dancers this season!

In Motion Dance Project
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