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It’s more than just dance at In Motion. It’s more than the walls that create our studio. It’s more than the faculty members who are knowledgeable about the field and have all professionally performed. It’s more than hearing “5,6,7,8” over and over again. It’s a home. It’s a safe place for students to come and discover who they want to be. They will learn how to plié, pirouette, and shuffle ball change. But they will also learn about discipline. About growth. About pushing yourself past points you didn’t think were possible. They will become well-rounded people, not just dancers.

It’s more than dance at In Motion Dance Project. It’s home. We pour our hearts and souls into our students because it’s what our students deserve from us. We aim to be guideposts in their journey to discovering who they are and who they want to become.

Our future is exciting because it’s just that, the future.  We are dreamers.  BIG DREAMERS. To us, there’s nothing we can’t do.  “To infinity, and beyond!”

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